PV after the Feed In Tariff, how to make sure you use what you generate.

29 August 2019 | Posted under:

Use your power don't loose it.

Now the Feed In Tariff is long behind us it is time to look at Photovoltaic Panels (PV) for what they are. You generate electricity via Solar Panels at home or your business and you use it, if you don't use it store it and use it when the sun goes in.

Battery Storage systems are still putting some clients off due to the cost but we are finding all our customers who have them are asking for more batteries to be added on or are reporting that they are virtually off grid.

Other more cost effective add on's are also usefull at using up your generated power are the ever popular Immersion switches liek the I-Boost or the Immersun, these use excess power to heat up your hot water.

Or if you have an Electric Car home charging points are cheaper than you think.

We are qualified to install all the abouve and can offer you an obligation free quotation.


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