Battery Storage Systems

Battery Storage Options For Home Or Business.

Battery stroage is now more relevant than ever, with ever increasing energy prices and consumers looking for ways to maximise their PV systems. The good news is systems are better and now priced at a range that consumers can now make a financial case to add Battery Storage to an exisiting sytem or include with a new system.


LG Chem Lithium Ion Battery With SMA Storage inverter

This system is perfect if you have an exisiting PV system and want to add on Battery Storage as you will not need to swap your inverter. We would simply install the battery system with the SMA storage inverter next to you existing inverter. Any generated electricity you do not use gets stored for you to use in the evening. If you are signed up to the Feed In Tariff do not worry you will still get your payments.


LG Chem with SMA battery storage





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