Solar Thermal Hot Water

Solar Thermal Hot Water is the most common form of renewable technology and can supply up to 60% of the hot water required by the average family.

In the past systems suffered from poor design and installation techniques. Modern systems have advanced controls and the new flat panel systems have improved their look.

Solar PV Panels

Click on the image above for a Brochure on the Worcester Bosch Solar Thermal systems that we install.

We also install the Solfex range of systems which have in roof and on roof systems flat plate or evacuauted tubes. We will always discuss the best option for you at the time of our site survey.


How it works

The sun heats up the fluid in the solar panel and the fluid is pumped into a coil in the hot water tank. A controller monitors the temperature of the fluid in the panel and when this reaches a higher temperature than the water in the tank it switches on the pump. Sundial Solar Solutions install the Flat Plate system as these panels are robust and require very little maintenance.

The average domestic system from Sundial Solar Solutions costs between £3,500-£5,000.

Renewable Heat Incentive

Did you know there is a new government backed scheme to help you pay for this technology. Please have a look at our resource page for more information and how much you could save on a solar thermal system.