Case Studies

Idehill Farm in Colyton

December 2019

7 KwH PV System on a barn roof with a 9.68 KwH Battery Storage System. REC 320 Wp panels K2 Speed rail mounting System and LG Chem Battery Storage with SMA inverters. 

Dispite having a large house with a high electricity usage, during the summer months the client was off grid more often than not. That is the real beauty of investing in Battery Storage, not only does the homeowner use the generated electricity during the day she was also charging the batteries up. On the days she was out she would come home to fully charged batteries, she is now considering adding to the battery for more capacity. 

Of course you are not going to be getting so much in the winter but still any bright days we do have, especially if you have low useage during the day is going to save you drawing from the grid.


11 Years installing Solar PV and we are still sticking to our principal of only installing quality products that we would and do have on our homes. REC Panels with SMA inverters and K2 Mounting systems.





Kingsbridge Community College


Within 2 weeks of Kingsbridge College getting the go-ahead to order the Solar PV system, we were ready to go ahead and install the system for them in time for the cut off date for the higher rate of the Feed-In Tariff, at a time when schools are seeing their budgets cut the extra income from the Feed In Tariff will be a huge help.

30 KW Solar PV install at Kingsbridge Community College
30 KW Solar PV install at Kingsbridge Community College

The instalation itself went very smoothly thanks to the Speed Rail System from K2. The installers love it, the quality is fantastic and it is very quick to use. Getting the panels up on such a high roof takes time but the team work so well together they get it done.

We have also installed a web box for the tech team at the college to monitor the system and I think they are glued to the Sunny Portal as any little change in generation we get a call!!

Under normal circumstances PV Panels need very little maintenance but Kingsbridge has a high population of Seagulls which are causing a few black spots on the Panels!

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