FAQs about Renewable Energy

Our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Renewable Energy are regularly updated.

Please contact us directly with any questions you may have that are not listed below.

Solar Panels

Q. What are solar panels made of?
A. Silica, the second most abundant element on the planet.

Q. How do they work? 
A. Light excites the silica and makes a Voltage.
    The voltage is fed into the control box (inverter).
    The inverter converts the voltage so it can be used in the house.
    The Generation meter measures what it has generated.
    The Electricity is then fed into the consumer unit.
    Anything that is not used in the house is fed into the national grid.

Q:  Do they generate if its cloudy? 
A: Yes, they produce about a quarter of their maximum in cloudy conditions.

Q: How much do they generate in a year?
A: 1000 Kilowatt Hours (Units of electricity) for every 1Kilowatt of PV installed. This will vary depending on your location.

Q: Is there a grant available? 
A:  No, the grant system has been replaced by the Feed In Tariff. You will get paid for everything you generate for 25 years..

Q: Will I pay tax on what I get paid?
A: No, it is tax free to domestic customers.

Q: Will the payments go up in line with inflation?
A: Yes they will increase every April in line with the retail price index.

Q: How much can I have on my house?
A: With modern technology such as Battery storage and export limitation, there is no limit to how much you can have on your house now. 

Q: How long does it take to install?
A: About 2 days.

Q: How much does 4 Kilowatts cost?
A: Around £5,000.00 plus VAT at 5% but you will get a firm quotation from us in the post or via email after we conduct a site survey.

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