Tesvolt Commercial Battery Storage Systems

Battery Storage Options For Commercial Buildings or Solar Parks and Farms

Battery stroage is now more relevant than ever, with ever increasing energy prices and consumers looking for ways to maximise their PV systems. The good news is systems are better and now priced at a range that consumers can now make a financial case to add Battery Storage to an exisiting sytem or include with a new system.

After a great deal of research and spending time with Tesvolt in Germany training with their engineers, we are proud to be able to offer the Tesvolt System to our Clients.


Whether for emergency power, a stand-alone power system or to cut peak loads, whether on or off grid, whether in the desert or the arctic circle with the TS system, TESVOLT offers a technical storage solution for any application.

Maximum safety
TESVOLT uses prismatic battery cells from Samsung SDI. Prismatic battery cells are incredibly durable, safe and powerful, particularly in comparison to round cells. Due to the high capacity of prismatic cells each cell can be monitored and managed individually making a highly efficient, safe and long lasting system.

Long lifespan
The lifespan of a battery has a huge impact on its economic efficiency. All components are designed to last 8,000 cycles and offer a 30-year lifespan.

High-performance without compromise
TS storage systems can store energy very quickly and release it again just as quickly. With a continuous power rating of 1C – and even 4C for short periods – the storage system is optimised for professional use in commercial applications, agriculture and industry.

Flexibility now and in the future
Our TS storage systems do not only offer flexible configuration options at the moment of purchase – thanks to the innovative Active Battery Optimiser technology, the capacity can also be expanded years later.


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