The Feed-In Tariff

The Feed-In Tariff (FiT) is a government backed scheme aimed at increasing the take up of small scale Renewable Energy technologies both on our homes and business properties.

 Before you have your PV system installed your property must have an Energy Performance Cerificate with a D rating or above. We can arrange this for you if you do not have a current one.

There is a deployment cap on the amount of instalations that can be registered on the FIT's scheme each month so each application will be put into a queeing system so the sooner the aplication goes in the better. Your chosen installer will keep you informed as to when the cap is reached. This is known as the Deployment Cap.

The Feed In Tariff is designed to generate an income for the owner of the sysytem over a period of 20 years and the rate you get will change inline with inflation in accordance with the Consumer Price index.

For the current Feed In Tariff rates please refer to Ofgem by following link click here.

You get paid for all the Electricity you generate even if you do not use it all (generation tariff)

You save on your Electricity Bills from any Electricity which you generate and use on site.


Feed In Tariff and Renewable Heat Incentive
Get paid for the electricity you generate


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