The Renewable Heat Incentive domestic and non-domestic


The domestic RHI is a Government backed scheme designed to promote the use of renewable heat in the home.

Switching to heating systems that use naturally replenished energy can help the UK reduce its carbon emissions and could help you reduce your heating bills. If you join and comply with all the schemes rules you will get paid quarterly for every unit of Renewable heat your system generates this will last for 7 years.

The scheme is open to all Households both on and off mains Gas, the system is more financially benificial to those who do not have mains Gas.

In order to be eligable for the RHI your system must be installed by an MCS certified installer such as ourselves, we would also be able to assist you with the application process.

We will include within your quotation the amount you would receive in payments for your system.



RHI For Domestic and non Domestic systems Tariff Payments

The Government has recently announced the Rates for the Domestic RHI and they are now set. The payments are to be paid over 7 years, based on the estimated heat demand of the property over 20 years. The main reason for making the payments over 7 years is to reward the homeowner who pays for the system up front, assuming that many people will possibly move house after 7 years.

The requirements prior to applying are that a Green Deal Assesment is carried out and that a minimum of 250mm loft and cavity wall insulation  where appropriate is installed. Your system must be MCS accredited and your installer must be MCS accredited.

Non Domestic RHI Tarrif

All non-domestic and installations serving more than one property such as communal or distict heating schemes are eligable for the tariff which has now been introduced.

The lifetime of this tariff is 20Years.



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