Photovoltaic (PV) Solar Panels

Photovoltaic (Pv) Panels

  • We install a wide range of Solar PV Panels and treat each project indiviually.  We work with homeowners and architects alike to come up with the best solution for each property. Our design service and site surveys are free of charge, we can even bring along a solar panel to the site survey for you to have a look at.


  • PV panels come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be mounted on the ground, on top of a roof, integrated into the roof or can even be used as the roof covering. Sundial Solar Solutions is a registered installer of Solarcenturies C21e tiles and slates. These are a perfect solution if you are re-roofing or for new builds.

c21 slate going in

 Click on the image to see a brochure for the Solar century range of tiles and slates.

  • We have experience using many different mounting systems and have a solution for any structure.
  • We can now as standard install a system which will use any excess Electricity you generate to heat your water, using your existing Immersion switch. The system is a very simple and cost effective method of increasing the returns on your innitial investment on your PV system. We can install this as part of your PV system or supply it at a later date. If you already have a PV system we can supply and install this for you as an add on. Or we can simply put one in the post for you.

immersun 3d image



  • PV panels work best in direct sunlight so we would recommend that they be positioned facing as close to south as possible at an angle of 30 to 45 degrees, and have no shading on any part of the array. They can, however, be installed anywhere south of east or west and you won’t lose that much by facing east or west.

Solar PV Panels




 Click on the image to see the data sheet on the REC Black framed award winning PV Panels we used on the pictured install.

  • Award winning solar panel installs in the South West, all of our Solar PV systems in the South West that have been installed using REC Panels have generated way above the predicted amout.
  • Sundial Solar Solutions were the first UK installers to use the REC Peak Energy PV Solar panels. We are approved REC Installers which means we can offer a12 year warantee on the Panels.
  • REC modules are very Green as they have a payback time of just one year, due to their fluidized bed reactor silicon production process which uses 80-90% less energy than trdaitional methods
  • we are not Manufacturer dependant so we have the freedom to choose the best products on the market. We have very good relationships with our suppliers and in most cases have used the same companies since day 1 in 2005.
  • We choose our products for quality and efficiency not price.
  • The electricity generated by the panels is fed directly into the mains electricity via an inverter that monitors the whole system to maximise the output. The electricity generated is used on-site first and any surplus is exported to the grid. You get paid for everything you generate and a little extra for everything you export to the grid.
  • All our installations are guaranteed for 5 years and all manufacturers’ guarantees and warranties are passed on to the consumer. Extended warranties are available direct from the manufacturers.

  • We were the first company in the UK to install the multi award winning REC panels and can offer our clients the added benifit of 12 year panel guarantee free of charge as standars with any REC system, these panels are a top quality product and will generate up to 6% more power than many other leading manufacturer.



If you would like a free no obligation site survey for a PV System in the South West please call:- 01837 558280

Or you can contact us via email at

  • We do not use sales staff, your site survey will be carried out by an engineer who will give you advice and talk you through your options and take measurements. He will then compile a detailed quotation which will be posted or emailed to you, we will not try to sell you a system at your home high pressure sales is not our way.