Heat Recovery Systems


Waste Water Heat Recovery

These systems are a proven and cost effective way of reducing your energy bills. This is one of the most cost effective solutions for achiving code as the SAP points on offer for such a small price will impress even the most frugal developer. Barratt Homes are raving about it and have awarded the recoup pipe product of the year 2013.

The system we install is very simple to install and once installed vertually maintenance free and can not be seen.

It is suitable for new build houses or apartments and also retrofit.

It works by turning the energy from the hot water that goes down your shower drain into useable heat.

This system will be eligable for Green Deal Funding and it has high SAP points.

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Mechanical Ventilation With Heat Recovery

Heat recovery systems work by recovering heat from exhausted air and using this to heat the fresh new air coming in.

A recovery system extracts air from wet rooms such as bathrooms, kitchens and utility rooms, removes the heat using a heat exchanger and uses this to heat the air coming in. Most systems are sited in a loft space and use ducts to extract and replace the air. The systems can recover 90% of the heat.

Heat recovery

These systems are best suited to new-builds or major refurbishments as the installation process requires a lot of duct work, which can prove challenging.All systems have filters that clean the incoming air, improving the air quality. It is also possible to  include efficient air-conditioning within the system.