Commercial Solar Systems


Commercial properties unlike domestic are perfectly placed for gaining the most from Solar PV, as a commercial building is likely to use all of the power generated, and as you get paid for every unit of Electricity you generate even if you use it all you will get double the benifit.

The Feed In Tariff is still a very attractive incentive. If you have a large warehouse or barn roof that could accomodate a 50 Kw (200 panels or 330 meters) you would earn £9,545 per annum  and your system could be paid for in as little as 6 years.

With a renewable energy system instlled you will also make saving on you Climate Change Levey (CCL)

Each system is designed individually for your project and we always give you a comprehensive quotation after conducting a site survey.

When we put in a price everything is included, there will be no hidden extras like scaffolding it is all in the price and listed so you know what you are paying for.

We only install quality products from companies we have a good relationship with.

The installation process is quick and easy and in most cases will cause no disturbance or disruption, you can simply go about your business while our professional inhouse team of installers go about theirs.

We installed this 30Kw system for Kingsbridge Community College in 3 days. The turn around on this project from the initial inquirey to completion was an impressive 3 weeks.


 Our site surveys are free and are carried out by an engineer who will advise you and discuss your requirements and options. He will then put together a full propossal which will be sent to you.